Can I Use a Hunting Knife in a Household?

Despite such a concern, the only solution possible is a resounding “NO!” However, why is “no” the only solution below? Why cannot you use your Bowie blade as a screwdriver? Why cannot you chisel or punch with the blade? Just what happens if you try to use your knife as a pry bar? Simply put, each of these usages, while apparently innocent sufficient, could bring about significant damages to your blade and could also bring about injuries.

Let’s take the screwdriver usage as an instance. Possibilities are respectable that the idea of your bowie knife is mosting likely to fit well into the head of a screw, whether it’s a flathead screw or a Phillips head. Nonetheless, really transforming the screw calls for that you exert stress on the pointer of the blade. Sadly, the metal is not made for this sort of usage. Generally, just what takes place following is that the idea of the blade bends? You could even find that the pointer breaks off totally is you are utilizing significant force.

Let’s check out utilizing your hunting knife as a pry bar to get an even better understanding of why these functional blades should not be made use of for such jobs. When spying on something, it normally indicates that the product is either rather heavy, or it is obstructed and also stuck. While your knife might fit fairly well under whatever that object might be, you could feel confident that you do not wish to put the blade there. Even a percentage of stress could actually flex the blade of your bowie knife, leading to some serious troubles.

If you do handle to bend the blade or damage the blade in some other way, as well as it is not covered under supplier service warranty, you will certainly should discover a skilled blacksmith or cutler to fix the blade for you. As these abilities are not as usual as they as soon as were, this can be an expensive, time consuming procedure.